Converse Selling Range Of Bridal Trainers You Can Customise

Converse Selling Range Of Bridal Trainers You Can CustomiseConverse

Anyone who’s got married will surely tell you the most special part of the day is marrying the love of your life.

And while yes, I can imagine that’s an unbelievable feeling, I think we all know the most special part of the day is being the centre of attention and showing off your incredible outfit for everyone to see.

Which is why every last bit of effort has to be put into your outfit, whether it be a suit, a dress or your shoes. Bearing that in mind, when there’s a chance to mix style with comfort I think you should take it wholeheartedly.

bride and groom weddingPixabay

Enter the bridal range from Converse, which gives both brides and grooms the opportunity to dance the night away in sequinned trainers – basically allowing them to keep their tootsies comfortable without sacrificing their fashion sense.

It’s a win-win situation, and think of it this way: if you’re wearing flat shoes there’s pretty much a 0% chance you’ll make a tit of yourself when you inevitably trip over and sprain your ankle in some fancy heels after a glass (or six) of prosecco. Perfect.

Among the designs are an all-over sequin platform for a glitzy bride as well as a pure white low top for a more classic look. Also aimed at grooms, husbands-to-be can slip their feet into a black high-top with floral embroidery for just $75 (approximately £57).

groom wedding converseConverse

Describing the range, the shoe company says: ‘Tie the knot in style and comfort in a fresh pair of Converse wedding sneakers, available in white, black and metallic colours for your entire wedding party. Give your nuptials a step up.’

Sounds ideal to me.

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