Baby Yoda Appears In Clouds In Woman’s Holiday Picture

Baby Ypdau/yycheart/Reddit

Baby Yoda is a deity for our modern times, worshipped by meme makers and fiercely beloved by all those who gaze upon his innocent, yet oh so knowing, eyes.

Just think what you would do if someone threatened to drop him. Think of the promises you’d make and the solemn vows you’d swear to keep him safe and cosy in his little space pram.

And now – propelled ever upwards by our collective exaltation – Baby Yoda has apparently become an IRL sky god; appearing before his awestruck disciples in cloud form.

There's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiDisney+

One Reddit user has made the very first contribution to the Baby Yoda Gospels, sharing a picture of The Child as it appeared to a family friend. And the sight of him rising above a glorious sunset will make even the most ardent atheist drop to their knees.

Taking to the Baby Yoda subreddit – described as ‘a subreddit dedicated to the beautiful Baby Yoda’ – Redditor u/yycheart wrote:

A family friend took this picture while on vacation and I can’t unsee Baby Yoda!

The cloud formation in question looks unmistakably like Baby Yoda, from his elfin ears to his snuggly little robe. Even his arms look slightly outstretched, as if he is somehow summoning The Force to levitate the sun back into the sky.

Baby Yoda Appears In Clouds In Woman's Holiday Pictureu/yycheart/Reddit

Safe to say, fans on the Baby Yoda subreddit have been left utterly mystified by this sighting; praising the 50-year-old green baby with every ounce of their being.

Hallowed chants of ‘this is the way’ began to echo around the subreddit, with some describing the pic as a ‘blessed image’.

One adoring fan cried:

He has risen (and condensed).

Another declared:

Even some higher power out there knows….this is the way.

There's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiDisney+

This surprise appearance comes just one month after Baby Yoda was voted as the most popular baby of 2019, as per Google’s ‘Year in Search 2019’; leaping ahead of fellow nappy wearers Pslam West and Prince Archie. And he’s showing no sign of slowing down in 2020.

The photograph in question was snapped in the Cayman Islands, a collection of three enchantingly beautiful islands located in the Caribbean sea.

Perhaps Baby Yoda was look for some sea, sand and relaxation after too much zooming around space past his bedtime. Or maybe he’s a secret scuba diving enthusiast.

And yet, one can not help but wonder whether he has a message for his Earthling followers; perhaps protecting us – in his own adorable way – from dark forces from a galaxy far, far away…

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