Taco Bell Customer Finds ‘Door Knob’ In Her Nachos

Taco Bell Customer Finds 'Door Knob' In Her NachosEve Saint/Facebook

I’m currently looking forward to some hard-earned nachos with a couple of other UNILAD writers this evening, so imagine my horror when this story dropped on my lap.

Tonight, I’m hoping for a few onions on my nachos, or maybe some jackfruit if I’m feeling fancy. I am most certainly not in the mood for sinking my teeth into a door knob.

Unfortunately, this was the bizarre filling which greeted a Taco Bell customer in upstate New York, who has shared grim pictures of her nacho dish on Facebook.

Taco Bell Customer Finds 'Door Knob' In Her NachosEve Saint/Facebook

Eve Saint, from Poughkeepsie, visited a Fishkill branch of Taco Bell chain on July 4, where she reportedly waited in the drive thru for 45 minutes before heading home with her dinner.

As she was about to tuck into her feast, she noticed something hard, inedible and smothered with cheese. There – inexplicably – was a doorknob, nestled among the nacho chips and sauce like the strangest knock-knock joke of all time.

Furious about this decidedly unsavoury find, Eve shared a pic of the doorknob on Facebook, fuming:


Taco BellGetty

Eve’s Facebook friends couldn’t believe what they were looking at, with some even expressing incredulity as the authenticity of the pic.

To these accusations, Eve replied:

I wish this shit was fake I’m hungry and waited in the drive through for 45 mins and I’m the only one who got a door knob.

After Eve called the branch of Taco Bell in question, she was told it was ‘impossible’ that a door knob had been plonked in her nachos.

Eve has claimed the branch hung up on her, and she had to ring them back a further 10 times before getting an answer.

After an employee finally answered her call, Eve received an apology and was even given some discounts, as reported by the Hudson Valley Post.

It also emerged the item in her dinner was actually a cheese dispenser, which makes a little more sense I suppose (?)

Eve told the Hudson Valley Post:

I found out its the pump of a cheese dispenser. They hung up on me and told me I was lying then offered me a free nachos.

Taco Bell have made the following statement following this incident:

We take this very seriously. The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer.

It is not currently understood how the cheese dispenser pump ended up in Eve’s dinner.

Going to be turning over all my nachos this evening, just in case…

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