53 Stone Woman Who Didn’t Leave Bed In Three Years Now Weighs 11 Stone

morbidly obese womanTLC

A morbidly obese woman has learnt how to walk again after dropping 42 stone.

At her heaviest, 51-year-old Milla Clark weighed 53.6 stone, leaving her unable to leave her bed for three years.

Now, the mother of five has shed an incredible 42 stone, and is able to walk unassisted for the first time in 13 years.

While she was bedridden, Milla said every day of her life was ‘miserable’.

milla clark before surgeryTLC

The 51-year-old had to rely on her children to wash her every morning, calling it ‘humiliating’.

However, after appearing on TLC’s My 600lb Life, Milla became the show’s most successful patient ever, slimming down to just 11 stone.

Milla first consulted weight loss expert Dr Younan Nowzaradan three years ago, who advised her on how to lose the weight, as well as discussing surgical options.

Dr Nowzaradan put Milla and her children in touch with a dietitian, who put the mum on a strict diet. After committing to the healthy eating regime, Milla lost seven stone on her own.

milla clark after surgeryTLC

Milla had been suffering from a 43lb lymphedema on her leg – a painful swelling that left her in agony when she tried to walk. But the surgery was able to remove the lymphedema, which then made it safe for her to undergo weight loss surgery.

During her weight-loss journey, Milla’s husband Elroy died of a heart attack. Sadly, Milla was not able to leave her bed to visit him in hospital before he died, which made her even more determined to lose the weight.

After the initial surgery, Milla had several more operations to remove excess skin from her body, and after having both knees replaced she was able to stand and walk by her self.

milla clark before surgeryTLC

Speaking at before her surgery, Milla said:

Every single day of my life is miserable. I have been trapped in these four walls for more than two years. During that time, I have not stood one time. All I can do is eat and sleep.

Milla had apparently struggled with her weight all her life, but because she was young she didn’t understand the correlation between her unhealthy eating and weight gain.

The mum-of-four eventually moved her family to Houston, Texas, so she could consult with weight loss surgeon Dr Nowzaradan. As well as their mum’s journey, the children also learnt about healthy eating and their mother’s diet, so she wouldn’t fall back into old habits at home.

Milla Clark after surgeryTLC

Milla now enjoys a much more active lifestyle, getting out and about with her kids, and maintaining her goal weight of 155lbs.

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