Alabama Man Proposes To Girlfriend While She’s Stuck In The Mud


A man has popped the question to his girlfriend while she was stuck up to her knees in mud, asking ‘since you’re stuck, will you be stuck with me for the rest of your life?’

Ashton Waters, 29, from Foley, Alabama, knew his girlfriend Brittany, 27, shared his love for the great outdoors, and felt his proposal of marriage had to reflect this in some way.

Both Ashton and Brittany enjoy activities such as fishing and camping and boating, with their first ever date involving quad biking at Boggs & Boulders, a muddy rural retreat close to Andalusia, Alabama.

Stuck in the mudSWNS

After having dated for two years, Ashton decided it was time to get down on one dirty knee. And he knew this very special question had to be asked at Boggs & Boulders.

Ashton, who works as a supervisor foreman for the City of Gulf Shores, said:

Boggs & Boulders is a super special place for us because the first time I asked Brittany on a date she said: ‘Only if we can go to Boggs & Boulders’.

We’ve had a lot of fun there. We both love to get out in nature and get a little dirty, we love fishing and camping and boating so this seemed like the perfect place for us.

This mucky area was apparently also the location of their first ever argument – a milestone in any long-term relationship – which Ashton has since said was ‘over nothing’.

Stuck in the mudSWNS

Pharmacy technician Brittany reportedly had no clue whatsoever about Ashton’s intentions to propose when they headed to the significant location:

It was extra muddy that day and he led me to this spot that we’d got stuck in before, and I yelled ‘what are you doing? We’re going to get stuck!’ Then his four wheeler got stuck, so he got out and said: ‘Get out and help me push.’

So I got out and then I got stuck too, I couldn’t move my legs at all. Then he dropped to his knees in the mud and asked: ‘Since you’re stuck, will you be stuck with me for the rest of your life? Will you marry me?’

I said ‘yes’ straight away…we were both laughing so much. It took two people to haul me out of the mud afterwards. I was too scared to try and put on the ring, I didn’t want to drop it in the mud, so Ashton put it back in his pocket.

I didn’t start wearing it until I’d had a long shower and I was in a nice, safe place.

The engagement ring was a family heirloom from Ashton’s side, which he had specially customised before placing on Brittany’s finger.

Stuck in the mudSWNS

Brittany said:

That ring means more to me than any million dollar ring you could ever buy. He had it adjusted and added three little diamonds, but the oval diamond in the middle is from the original ring. It’s white gold, which I absolutely love.

Brave Ashton had proposed before a large group of their friends and family, who cheered them on as smitten Brittany gave her emphatic ‘yes’.

According to Brittany:

About 30 of us were on that trip, they were all clapping and cheering. We celebrated for the rest of the weekend.

The proposal took place October 2015 and in June 2016 the lovebirds tied the knot, in what Brittany has described as ‘a beautiful mud-free wedding’. Not a speck of dirt was to be seen on their ‘gorgeous’ day, with the newlyweds having stayed ‘very clean’ throughout the ceremony.

Stuck in the mudSWNS

Now preparing to celebrate their fourth wedding ceremony, the outdoorsy couple are looking towards the next important chapter in their love story, and are looking to foster and eventually adopt a child.

Ashton said:

We feel like this is the right path for us. I can’t wait to be a parent with Brittany…she’s so kind and caring, she’s going to be a fantastic mom.

She’s so good to other people, she’s not a stranger to anyone and she always does her best to help other people out. That’s one of the things I love the most about her.

All the best of luck to Ashton and Brittany as they look towards beginning a family of their own.

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