Couple With 53-Year Age Gap Finally Marry In Televised Ceremony

Milijana Bogdanovićis and Milojko Božić marryCEN

The couple with a 53-year age gap who recently appeared on a reality TV show to prove their love was real have tied the knot – on another TV programme.

Milijana Bogdanovićis, 21, and Milojko Božić, 74, got married on Saturday (September 7) in the town of Požega in western Serbia, in a ceremony broadcast on live television.

The couple announced their plans to make things official just weeks after Milojko forgave his fiancée for cheating on him with a younger man during the reality TV show Parovi, which translates as Couples.

Milijana Bogdanovićis and Milojko Božić CEN

The ‘age gap’ couple appeared on the show to prove there was nothing fake about their relationship. How did they plan to do this, you might be wondering. Well, by having sex every day, of course.

Claiming this is what they do ‘most days anyway’ – even though Milojko underwent heart surgery in December last year – they wanted others to be aware of their healthy sex life.

Watch the happy couple on Parovi below:

Despite 21-year-old Milijana stating – before the couple went on the show – younger men ‘don’t have a chance’ with her because they ‘don’t have grey hair or wear glasses,’ she did end up cheating on her now-husband with a younger contestant during their time on Parovi.

Milijana confessed she and 35-year-old Aleksandar Pozgaj (a married contestant) got a little bit too close for comfort after her then-fiancé got evicted from the show.

While the pair didn’t have ‘full sex’, the 21-year-old admitted they did oral, stating:

We were intimate. We didn’t have full sex, I satisfied him orally and he did the same for me. There was also touching and cuddling.

Milijana Bogdanovićis and Milojko Božić CEN

Despite these admissions, Milojko forgave his partner and the two took their relationship to the next level over the weekend. Milijana said during the ceremony she was ‘crying with happiness,’ before clarifying: ‘Actually, I haven’t cried, but I did shed a few tears’.

According to reports by local media, Milojko’s adult children (he has three children from his first marriage, aged 40, 35 and 30) and the bride’s parents were not present at the wedding, with Milijana saying that was ‘difficult’ for her – although her mother did send a message.

Regardless of any misconceptions people might have about the pair’s compatibility, it appears the newly married couple did consummate the marriage on their wedding night.

Milijana explained:

It was a crazy wedding night, that’s all I’m going to say. Milojko’s back hurt, but he managed it well.

The celebrations don’t stop there either, as the newlyweds are reportedly planning on travelling to Greece for their honeymoon.

Milijana Bogdanovićis and Milojko Božić CEN

The couple don’t appear to be too bothered by the criticism they’ve received for their 53-year age gap, with Milijana regarding the whole thing as ‘funny’.

Which is fair enough, I guess. You do you, guys.

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