Man Has ‘World’s Longest Tooth’ Removed After Suffering Constant Jaw Ache

Man Has 'World's Longest Tooth' Removed After Suffering Constant Jaw AcheSWNS

A dentist in India believes he could have unearthed the longest human tooth in the world after examining a student with toothache.

20-year-old engineering student Pawan Bhavsar visited a clinic in Khargone District in Madhya Pradesh after suffering gum swelling and blisters in his mouth, as well as pain in his eyes and upper jaw.

After removing two of Pawan’s teeth, Dr Saurabh Srivastava was left completely dumbfounded by the lengthiness of them. The largest of the two teeth measured at a gargantuan 39mm and is now believed to have broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest tooth.

Long toothSWNS

The unusually long tooth was removed by Dr Srivastava at his clinic on February 29. Following this dental procedure, Pawan has thankfully since made a full recovery.

It’s believed Pawan’s tooth could well have beaten the one previously submitted by German dentist, Dr. Max Lucas, who pulled a tooth measuring 37.2mm (1.46 inch) from the mouth of a patient suffering from severe dental pain in 2018.

As reported by UPI, it took Dr Lucas approximately one year to send Guinness over the necessary paperwork to get the tooth recognised as the longest on the planet. Nearly three-quarters of the tooth’s length was the root beneath the gumline.

After receiving his Guinness certificate, Dr Lucas said he would display it proudly in his dental office, telling German publication Frankfurter Neue Zeitung:

Every dentist in the world will read about this.

Man Has 'World's Longest Tooth' Removed After Suffering Constant Jaw AcheSWNS

However, it now looks like this newly extracted gnasher could well have knocked Dr Lucas off the top spot…

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