Mum Got So Drunk At Wedding She ‘Sh*t Herself’ On Dancefloor

Mum got drunk at wedding and sh*t herselfPexels

There’s always some good gossip to take away from a wedding and I’d say nine times out of 10 it involves guests embarrassing themselves while drunk. 

It’s pretty much an expected practice at receptions but there’s a fine line between entertaining and disruptive and when the alcohol is free flowing that line becomes increasingly more blurry, making it easy to stumble over to the unacceptable side.

Unfortunately that’s apparently exactly what happened with one particular wedding guest recently, as she got so intoxicated she ended up shitting herself, causing a smell so bad everyone evacuated.


I can’t imagine the bride and groom were particularly impressed with having that situation associated with their special day.

The story was revealed on a Facebook wedding shaming group, where a woman named Ashlee described the ‘gorgeous wedding’ with its ‘beautiful ceremony’. As per The Sun, she explained the ceremony was followed by a pre-reception cocktail hour with free beer and wine.

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Ashlee went on to say how one mum, who she called ‘Liz’, decided to take advantage of the free drinks and was ‘hammering down red wine like no one’s business’. The guest said there were only around 50 or 60 other people there and so Liz’s drinking didn’t go unnoticed.

The post continued:

After the hour was over, we all headed to the reception area where there was another free beer and wine bar, for dinner, speeches and dancing.

Liz got dinner, but I can’t even tell you how many trips she made to the bar for red wine.


The irresistible lure of free drinks meant Liz was apparently ‘plastered’ by the time the speeches took place and when it came to dancing she was described as ‘a rhino with cannonballs of red wine’.

Ashlee expanded on that description, saying:

She was trying to dance, while bumping into people and double fisting cups of red wine above her head. She kept screaming that she didn’t have her kids, so she could party on.

She was absolutely covered in red wine, she had it all over her dress, even on the back. It literally looked like she took a Cabernet shower.

At one point she tried to dance with the bride, and almost spilled wine on her very expensive white dress.

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I have a feeling getting wine on the bride would have been preferable to what came next, as the Facebook user continued:

The kicker, she got so drunk that she s**t herself on the dance floor and everyone evacuated it because it smelled so bad. Complete wedding guest failure.

Naturally, other Facebook users were horrified at the story, which has garnered 2.3k likes and 1.4k comments since being posted.

Free drinks are a blessing at a wedding – let’s hope this story doesn’t discourage other couples from offering the goods!


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