Kid Dressed As YouTuber Apology Video At VidCon 2019


A witty and creative young kid managed to mock everyone who’s ever created an apology video at once by dressing as a regretful YouTuber for VidCon 2019. 

The annual event, which describes itself as the ‘world’s largest celebration of digital video & online creators’, kicked off on Wednesday (July 10) in California and while it attracted a whole host of people, none were quite as well dressed as this kid.

The youngster, who now appears to go by ‘Apology kid @vidcon’ on Twitter, had created a cardboard costume depicting a YouTube video titled ‘My apology’.

Check it out here:

He’d cut a hole in his costume to allow him to pop his head through and bring his costume to life and carried a box of tissues which he used to dab at his eyes as he expressed how sorry he was for ‘filming a dead body!’

The young boy was presumably targeting Logan Paul with that comment, as the YouTuber released an apology video after filming himself venturing through a place known as ‘Suicide Forest’ and coming across the body of a man who appeared to have killed himself.

The VidCon attendee went on to mock YouTubers in general as he added ‘Please forgive me! Subscribe and like!’

After images of the boy’s brilliant costume began to do the rounds on social media, people were quick to compliment the way he’d reflected today’s YouTube culture.

The bottom of his costume’s video player was dotted with a series of pauses, indicating the numerous amount of ads that often litter videos these days.

One person wrote on Twitter:

ha ha, look at the number of ads as well.

While another pointed out:

That like/dislike ratio though, 10 to 5m

The well dressed kid later gave credit to YouTuber Jacksfilms for the idea.

A video was shared on Twitter of him meeting the YouTuber at VidCon, showing Jack laughing at the costume before initiating a big round of applause for the creative youngster.

Jack then yelled ‘winner winner!’ to the crowd before asking if he could cry with the boy.

I think it will be tough for VidCon attendees to top that costume! Amazing.

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